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How to get your life back on track in 6 months

Bad divorce, abusive relationship, transformational life change, life tragedy, career change – new start…new life…new you…

Day 1 – My project begins…

When you experience that light bulb moment and you know exactly what to do, that’s a moment worth waiting for. I had this moment about my blog and my forthcoming book, which is why I have decided to pursue a project. This project will give more meaningful messages to you and to my blogs to put out there into the void, and reach people on all different levels.

My project – which will consist of daily messages – will take 6 months, because this is the minimum period of time I’m suggesting you will need to go through the transformational change you need or planning ahead.

182 and a half day that is!
Starting on 1st June and the final day will be the 1st Dec
Of course this doesn’t mean that I will leave to you it, there will be other areas that I would like to cover and give you more challenges.

This is a challenge for me as well as for you, if or when you decide to follow it… and of course make the time, welcome and put effort into this change.

A transition from rock bottom to the limitless potential- a blog for every day to help you get through rough patches of life, whatever that might be, we can do this together.

Here is to the start;
What are your current issues, challenges, problems?
What you would like to change in your life?
Probably you are confused about “what’s next”? And questioning yourself if you should or shouldn’t do certain things you have in your head.
So tell me, why do we always doubt ourselves and have a fear to move forward? Is that really so hard?
Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen? I know this famous quote:

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon

I think this is very true, we all dream and plan and what if this or that and then the opportunities go by and we don’t even notice them. So come on, let’s do it, what’s the worse it can happen? And tell me tomorrow what you have done, what changes you made, what was that small step you took to take you closer to your happier life?

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