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A few days ago heard in the news that in the West Midlands women experience domestic violence 35 times before they are telling anyone or asking for help. This is a new research that has been carried out by West Mercia Women’s Aid.  @WMWomensAid

“National research indicates that fewer than one in four victims will ever tell the police about their ordeal and those who do report to the police only make contact after they have been assaulted or abused 35 times, the training from  Women’s Aid offered an insight into the work they do with victims and survivors on a daily basis.”

Asking for help can be scary – you might not even be aware that you need help – and accepting the fact that we all need support sometime in our life. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or cannot deal with your life on your own; it’s actually the bravest thing ever to put your hands up and say “Hey, I need some help!”

You might be also scared of the unknown, “What am I going to do after all this?” – and that’s ok as this is the normal process – you have to trust the process –  and there is support with that too. Fear is the most common thing holding people back to make that step in life. 

It’s not always easy and exciting to start a new chapter in your life, but sometimes is necessary and without a doubt the best thing you will experience…  

Read more about the West Mercia project:

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