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Where to start when you have to start all over – as long as you have yourself

The question is; where do you start when you have to start all over again? Well, right at the beginning, with a new sheet of paper, where you can do whatever you want.

You might feel like you have lost everything that you ever worked for, lost all your motivation and your situation seems hopeless. BUT as long as you have yourself, you can build it all back up again. You start all over; step by step with hard work and determination you will find the “old” you, when you had your passion, you knew exactly what you wanted from life and your determination was driving you.

Think of all the sportsmen / women, how hard they had to work and how much they suffered before they got to the top. Not to mention all the failures they have to get through before they are recognised and celebrated. You have to think of the end goal, visualise where you want to be and act like a winner. Positive thinking, self-motivation, hard work and determination allow you to accomplish what you originally set yourself to do. You have all that it needs; you just have to awaken your true, original identity.

Walk with your eyes open to the world and learn from others. When I was at this stage of my life, I was monitoring people I look up to (and still do) and tried to relate to their actions, motivation and modified them to my needs. This is a transformational process to be in and gives you strength to carry through with your plans.
I wanted to give up so many times, finding excuses; “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not strong enough”, “How will I get the resources?” etc. Keep your faith and self belief, and trust yourself and your ability that you are good enough to be successful.

So, you have you, your original self (as we discussed yesterday), so now you might want to gear yourself up for motivational and inspiring missions:

  • Write or print out motivational quotes
  • If you like films / movies/ songs, get the inspirational lines, lyrics or characters from them (I absolutely love doing this)
  • Create your personal vision board where you have images that are inspiring to you, it can be places you want to visit, things you like doing, sport, healthy living, flowers, animals etc.
  • Make the first step towards your vision today, for example my inspiration for blogging came from a film that gave me the courage to make a start. So, every time I’m stuck I watch that part of the film that inspired me to remind me why I’m doing this.
  • Reward yourself for taking the courage to make the first step

Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

As long as you have yourself, your beliefs, values and determination, you will succeed.

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