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What’s next? – Your big leap forward…

So you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and your ready to go for the next challenge. Just visualise yourself to be a runner, where you getting ready for the start and launch yourself forward into the future.

This is the stage when have figured out what you really want in life and your clear purpose. You will need to create a visual which gives you an overview of what you are aiming for.  Creating your new life is fun and you should aim high, don’t be shy to put down everything you want out of this one life of yours. Life is too short not to take our chances, so you have to go for it.

What are you passionate about? Perhaps you were good at this before, you loved doing this when you were a child or perhaps it’s something you have given up because of work, children or any other commitments and you just don’t think you have time for this anymore. You might need to change the way you live or re-train yourself. So what? Go for it…

If you think you don’t have time for it? Then make time for it. You have to make sure to look after yourself and keep yourself happy, motivated and far away form depression.

Create your own vision board, which will help you keep your dreams front of you all the time, to know why you want to get out of bed and start a new day. It will be stimulating, motivating, encouraging, and even on a rainy, cold day. I love these vision boards, I have one of these and I just keep on looking at it, or reading the quotes or whatever you feel like putting on these boards.

This is your start for your motivating life, it’s your choice, so let’s choose to be happy and believe that you can do whatever you want.

“May the next few months be a period of magnificent transformation. – It is time.” (Unknown)


Tomorrow, I will talk about time management and how you can create time for you to be happy, content and stress-free.

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