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Turn a disadvantage into an advantage…

Everyone has their own rough patch in life, but not everyone can turn the negative experience into a positive. Let life guide you to your new path where you can start all over again.

I love this quote by Alexander Graham Bell “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

My family and friends used to say this to me, and I did believe them, just when you are in deep thoughts of your miserable life, you don’t quite recognize those doors opening. But it kept me going and I tried to look for those doors opening and eventually they did. Life offers you new ventures in the most unexpected time and place.

After 17 years of marketing and business development in the corporate world, I would have never thought that I would be having a career change. Although it was scary at the same time, I knew I had to do something that will turn my life around. With no income – after being made redundant – getting out of an abusive relationship, and being a single mum of three, it was tough. Re-train yourself and start a completely new life and new career. But it’s possible. Of course I received lots of help and encouragement from friends and family as well as various acquaintances along my journey to my new life.

I have turned my miserable life around and used my disadvantage of abuse, rough marriage, and bad luck with jobs to find the way to make it a positive experience for others. I am helping other people who are going through the same journey and I support them to get the best out of their life and start it all over again.
I also use my knowledge gained from previous years to support and coach business people to get confidence, self-belief, better time management and encourage personal development for their business success.

Some of the famous people and celebrities have their own issues and disadvantage to overcome. For example, Richard Branson has dyslexia so he learned through leadership to delegate and he swears by it. I know what you’re thinking – “oh it’s easy for him, he’s rich and he has lots of employees” – so of course he can delegate. He can because, during his difficult journey he learnt to cope with his disability and adjusted to his leadership style, and learned to communicate better so overall it helped him to be a better manager.
It’s a tough journey you have to go through if you want to turn your life around; you cannot give up, just stick with it.

The importance of delegation as Branson explained:
“I need things to be simple for myself. Therefore Virgin, I think, when we launch a financial service company or a bank, we do not use jargon. Everything is very clear-cut, very simple. I think people have an affinity to the Virgin brand because we don’t talk above them or talk down to them…” (*

Keep things simple, which is the basics of everything we do. We have to go back to the basics, to your very own values to bring out the very best you can possibly do.

What is your disadvantage and how can you turn it around?                                                                  


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