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The first months of struggling for survival…

You are out of balance, can’t think straight, your world is collapsing around you, feeling alone and isolated, feeling useless, worthless and crying all the time, don’t want to speak to anyone, don’t want to go out, etc…

When you are experiencing feelings like the above described, it is a similar process to when you are grieving. Not necessarily because you have lost someone but because you have been through so much that your body is telling you to stop and just not do anything.
I can tell you that I can be a very stubborn person and my pride is always there to stop me giving up anything. However, even I had to admit that when you get to this stage in your life, it is really the best to take some time out and start re-thinking your aims, goals and purpose in life. Nothing is more important than your health and if your stress levels are sky high then it’s not going to do any good for anyone, especially if you have a family.
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Also, I never imagined the different levels and kinds of help that are available out there when you really need it. And I don’t only mean on the professional level but all sorts of community which you are surrounded with. At one point it just overwhelmed me to receive all that help –it literally made me cry… people’s kindness, non-judgmental approach, generosity and support.  Wow, if you have been there, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This is how I’m going to help you now:

We are going to create a “Big me up” notebook. Let’s start right now, this is going to make you feel better every day when you are down, depressed and you just need something to pick your spirit up. 

If you remember we have done a little work on this in one of my earlier blogs (She believed she could, so she did…) when you had to ask some friends to tell you five things that you are good at or have achieved. If you missed this then go for it and ask.

The next stage of this is to start collecting more positive comments, achievements, compliments etc. Every time someone says something positive, you will have to jot it down in your notebook. Make this a habit and do it on a daily basis. Treat yourself to those lovely little notebooks that are available on the market and keep it with you all the time.

Here is my contribution for you as a start:  You are brave because you are reading this and you are doing something about your situation already, that’s also courageous.

This is going to be your fist step going towards your goals, just the way I have described in yesterday’s blog. We will keep going until you will find your inner peace and happiness. 

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