Embrace change

Without welcoming change in your life it’s just never going to happen. You cannot lie to yourself and say “Oh yes, I want to change things” – when you actually don’t believe in it from the bottom of your heart.  This might be a small adjustment to your life or it might be a significant life change that will impact on other parts of your life too, for example work, family etc. But you have got to really want it, otherwise, you might as well just not waste your time and energy on it.
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At the beginning it might be a struggle as you can’t get your head around it and you are still hurting, grieving, adjusting to your life change whatever that might be.
You are playing with the idea of “I’m going to be alright” pretending that you are strong when you actually inside probably very scared and have all sorts of fear factors in your head. The outside world will think, yes, she/he is ok, but inside you are screaming!

Occasionally, you are contemplating going back to the past, which you know it’s not the right decision for you but you cannot see the new life ahead of you yet. So, communication is key in this position and this might be the time you need to ask for help from friends, family and people you never thought of being able to help you. The more you talk and express your needs the more support will come your way.

This is the kind of distraction that you need to get back on your feet after you have been through and will give you purpose in life again.
By just do a little bit every day… one step towards your goal will make you feel better and better every day.

I used to think that I would never make it through the rough period of time, and even three months seemed like an eternity, however before I could notice, time passed by so quickly and I become aware of how much better I felt.

“I have spent most of my time on worrying about things that never happened.” Mark Twain

So stop worrying and start your life and live it the way you want it.

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