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Day 3 – “She believed she could, so she did”…

Maybe not yet, but you will be this person as per the quote… Write or print this and put it up where you can see it every day and start working on this to become this person who can achieve whatever she/ he wants.

Have you ever asked yourself; “Have I lost my mind?” or “Did this actually happened to me?” when your mind is so messed up that you can’t see the truth and reality.
Believe me, it did happen to me a lot back in the days when I was lost and had lots of self-doubt.

Self-doubt: I’m not good enough. Nobody wants me. I’m worthless, no use to anyone. I don’t have high educations. I just can’t do this, etc, etc. These are a few examples of self-doubt. Probably you have others that you can list.

I will give you a little task just for fun… and see what you make out of this. Then we will do this in a few months time again and then see what progress you made. This is going to be fun!
Ask five friends (and please don’t be embarrassed) each to list five good things that you have done/achieved or that you’re good at. Just you wait and see how surprising this list is going to be – in a good way. Meanwhile, you make a list yourself what you believe you good at. Now, think and don’t just give it a quick miss.

Then when these lists come back, take them for granted, as you are this person who achieved or done all of these things. Keep these lists and start adding to them on a daily basis and go back to this list when you have a bad day.

“She believed she could, so she did”…

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