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The question to ask: Are you happy?

I used to say: 

“You win one battle, then the second then the third and then you win the war.” (Theoretically of course but I know that sometimes it’s for real – the battle that you actually have to survive)

So the question to ask is: Are you happy?

Do you need to get out of a relationship? Have you thought about “Life must be better than this…?” “I used to be so happy and now nothing makes me happy”
Trust me; these questions came up in my thoughts a many years ago too.

I used to be well known for my laughter when I was younger, and people, friends and family just loved what an optimistic, happy and joyful person I was. Then a few years ago this all stopped and I was wondering if this is adulthood, or do I really have to change something as I’m just not laughing anymore.  You stop being you;

  • You become this person who just does the daily job,
  • Routinely see to the kids,
  • Occasionally have a few smiles with friends,
  • You talk less and less to your partner,
  • You are people pleasing and trying not to upset anyone

There is a common saying, that life is hard, but surely it shouldn’t be this hard? Something’s got to change…

So, what is that small step that you can take today towards your happiness? It doesn’t need to be major but as long as you can say: I have done “xyz” today and that was worth it as it took me closer to my goal.Review Android Smartphone

Tips: How to start making small changes to your everyday life to become happier

  1. Create space for “you” time – bath, exercise, nice coffee, read a book etc.
  2. Start scheduling in to see some friends for coffee or a catch up
  3. De-clutter your life from unnecessary events, objects, people
  4. Set yourself some realistic goals
  5. Take one step at a time
  6. Reward yourself for achievements
  7. Learn to say “no” to things that you really don’t want to do
  8. Make sure that you have enough sleep

This is just the beginning, but as you start doing these small adjustments you will see the new person you will become.

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