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Unrequited love

Love is something that everyone longs for but yet it’s our biggest fear. We shy away from being “us” and we build a hard wall around us so that we protect ourselves in advance from getting hurt. We don’t even consider giving ourselves a chance to experience the freedom of love. We stand in our shiny armour, being brave – “Hey look at me I’m ok, I don’t need this!” – then at home in our little cosy shell, we feel sorry for ourselves. That’s just won’t do!

I heard this saying in a movie the other day: “No matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise in the morning again…” How true is that?
It’s also hinting that we take things far too seriously that we should instead of just enjoying our life. Where are the light-hearted adventures? Whatever happened with spontaneous decisions where we can just do what our heart says?

Start loving yourself, accept the way you are, look, feel and move on. You have your uniqueness and the ability to shine as a person. Without loving yourself first, you won’t be able to let anyone into your private, snug little life. That’s the first step. Do this by giving yourself time to focus on you only. Exercise, meditate, see friends and do what makes you happy, and find yourself, the person you want to be.

I have given so much love away in my life for not much in return. And I’m not talking about my children and parents; they are my life and I would do absolutely anything to be with them. However, it taught me a lot for the future; reserving myself not so much in a selfish way but to allow “me” time and to enjoy life in general. This made me happy to be able to give love again. You can only give if you have abundance.

“The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.” – Unknown

When you are happy within yourself, you will see all the love that comes in your way. Without even searching for it, you will recognise when the time is right.

I want to be able to get to the stage – and we should all be aiming this way – when I can freely say; I’m proud of myself to have the courage to stand up tall and be brave, say I’ve done this/that, I’ve loved, have been loved and lived…

unrequited love

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