About Me

My immense life experience – which includes world travel, family tragedy, numerous business set-ups, divorce, abuse, career change and many other challenges in life – has given me the strength and courage to support others going through similar life changing situations.

These experiences allow me to relate to you, know exactly how you feel and what process you need to go t through to get out the other end, feeling happy and ready to live life to the full.

In addition, my training in life coaching allowed me to gather the right tools for working with extraordinary people to guide them through these situations.

Everybody has difficult times in their life. Some might feel that “Why is it always me?” but then when you look around and listen very carefully, you soon find out that life is just as difficult for everyone else.

The only difference is the way we handle life, our belief and uptake on our experiences.

So here is my Life Story and how I got into Life Coaching.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary as part of an ordinary family but with huge dreams that I could change the World. My upbringing was positive and I had a lovely childhood that is rare nowadays. However, at a very early age, I lost my sister who was like a second mother to me. Being ten years older than me, she spent a lot of time teaching me how to be a good person. I really looked up to her so I felt that my life collapsed when she passed away, I could not speak about her for years.

Soon after that, I decided that I still want to live for my dreams, so I packed my bag and moved to England with only £50 in my pocket. Anything was possible. I studied English, met my ex-husband, started college and then university. Straight after graduating at Birmingham University for Business Management and Marketing, I set up my own children’s shoe and clothes distribution business. All happy, right?

Then I had my first daughter and slowly everything started to go wrong again. Although it was a successful children’s shoes and clothes distribution, I had to stop my business as I had no support, and could not handle a young family along with running my business which took up 24/7. After my second daughter, I got divorced; my life was falling apart once again.

However, I have got back in the game and carried on with life.
I got married again, had my third child and my career was improving year on year. I set up my second business – Hungarian Chimney Cake – which was not very successful but I have been brave enough to say “no” and stopped before it was too late.

Unfortunately, my second marriage didn’t work out either. My family experienced serious abuse for 6 years in a row. As many other people, I kept hoping that it’s going to be better soon. Or I used to remind myself “Oh don’t complain, others are in much worse situation than you are!” I had to hide this fact for years from my friends, colleagues and anybody out there, and show that everything is alright.
These years were very hard and I got more and more exhausted until I felt that I hated my job and couldn’t even be bothered to meet up with friends. I also felt too tired to have quality time with my children.

So, it had to stop! The tip of the iceberg was during this time, when I was made redundant. Now you can imagine how I felt. Useless, not needed, not good for anything, I started to self-doubt and felt worthless. I wasn’t even sure if could do the job that I was working for in the past 17 years.

After feeling sorry for myself for a while, I decided to get divorced – even though I thought nobody will want me with three children and divorced twice – and I started to create a much better life for me and for my children.

I have decided that the best way for me forward to re-train myself and become a Life Coach for businesses and individuals. To use my experience both in business and in life, to enable me to help others through my life experience and encourage others that life is good and we can achieve anything we set our minds to.

Most importantly, the approach you apply is crucial when you have ambitious targets and goals to achieve.

I stand for passion. This drives me to help individuals and businesses to plan and build their future to reach their goals and potential. To explore these potentials I apply my originality, creativity and fun to make an impact on your personal development to accomplish your goals. As well as this, I will fulfil my personal goal: to help others succeed in life.